About Us

Our Background

Bruder & Obeid is one of the leading law firms of Islamic Republic of Pakistan having its offices in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The mission of the Firm is to provide outstanding legal services in the chosen practice areas with a strong emphasis on ethics. The firm has a unique working environment in which every client is given personal attention.

Bruder & Obeid was founded in 2016 by Sardar Muhammad Obaid Khan, Esq. The firm struggled initially but later on it entered in to agreements with different law firms and business entities for expansion of its business in other branches of law and corporate sector. This unorthodox approach expanded the work sphere of the firm exponentially due to which, presently, the firm has developed a strong network of professionals in almost every branch of law and corporate sector.

Bruder & Obeid has been representing notable individuals, firms, corporations government officials, civil servants and government departments before the courts of law in Pakistan. The firm has also prepared and assisted several notable lawyers before the honorable higher and superior courts. 

Why Are We Recommended

There are many law firms in Pakistan and abroad who offer many benefits to attract clients. However many of these law firms lack diversity and they are not willing to change their centuries old norms and customs. We are living in a time where world has became a global village. Global corporate structure has evolved and individuals and corporations are now pursuing and launching multiple businesses while staying under a single corporate entity. These extreme changes in the overall business structure have created a demand for law firms that can provide multiple services under one roof. Bruder & Obeid has filled that void in the legal industry.

We provide our clients multiple services under single roof. Whether you wish to start a business, register an intellectual property, file your tax returns, manage your assets, wealth or business, purchase or sale your property or even make a mobile application or software for your company, brand or product, we are here to provide you the best service providers and address each and every one of your requirements.

We take great care of privacy, secrecy, safety and security of our clients and their information which is why we have several professional and trustworthy service providers on our panel that can provide our clients with a variety of services as per their requirements.

We at Bruder & Obeid are ready to travel that extra mile for you which no one else is willing to do.