Our Work

The work of Bruder & Obeid extends beyond the traditional legal services provided by the law firms around the globe. The vast legal and corporate network of the firm has enabled it to assist, provide and present its clients with the best legal services and corporate opportunities.

Legal Services

Bruder & Obeid offers the legal services of highly qualified and intelligent lawyers to its clients. The firm has represented individuals, firms and corporations on all forums – including the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Syndicate Corporate Assistance Program

Bruder & Obeid has agreements with multiple local and foreign firms, corporations and individuals who are highly qualified in their respective fields. The firm, through its syndicate, offer its clients a variety of services from registering a company to finding an investor. This network of Bruder & Obeid is known as Syndicate corporate assistance program.

Alternate Dispute Resolution | Black Coat Arbitration Society

The Alternate dispute resolution is one of the important aspects of the Bruder & Obeid’s law practice. The firm has different panels to deal with different propositions which includes the members of international arbitration councils, members of the business community, religious community, legal fraternity, education sector and intellectual and philosophical community. This arbitration network is working under the name of Black Coat Arbitration Society and has successfully settled several banking, family, criminal and corporate disputes.